Key Data and Statutory Documents

This page is designed to provide easy access to Key Data and the statutory information that all schools and Academies are required to make available.


Promoting British Values at The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy


The Department for Education has set out that all schools should actively promote fundamental British values.  These values are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs



Democracy: We have been working extremely hard to promote the student voice within our Academy by developing our School Council and promoting the role of the School Ambassador.  We aim to undertake an annual review of our communities’ opinions, student questionnaires will form part of this, in order to inform our Academy policies and decisions.


The Rule of Law: The importance of laws, whether they be for those that govern the class, the Academy, or the country are reinforced throughout our Academy day; promoted through assemblies, pastoral and tutor time and through our Academy Behaviour Policy which has as its focus the ‘Ready to Learn’ principles. We instil in our students the value and rationale  behind our laws – that they are there to protect us, keep us safe and that there are consequences when laws are broken and the health and safety of any member of our Academy community is put at risk.


Individual Liberty: We actively encourage our students to make choices.  Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely.  Whether it be through choice of challenge or through our Personal Best Programme or extra-curricular activities, students are given the freedom to make choices.


Mutual Respect: Our Academy ethos of Best Practice, Best Progress, Best Performance – Always’ is designed to promote a climate of positivity, teamwork and respect.  Respecting the work of others in our classes, respecting the work of our team and understanding that we seek the best performance from all our Academy community as we work together.  We encourage students to consider and appreciate viewpoints other than their own in a climate of mutual respect.


Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs: Through assemblies, PSHE and RE, we aim to develop students understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society and ( remove by) give them opportunities to experience that diversity.  Assemblies and discussions involving prejudices and prejudice-based bullying together with multi-faith assemblies are a regular feature at our Academy.


Please follow the link to see details of our Multi-Faith Assembly on Remembrance Day

where members of the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and the Royal British Legion shared with us what ‘Remembrance’ meant to them in our society today.



GCSE Results 2015 - The Headlines


GCSE Results 2014 – The Headlines



 We continue our commitment to progress at Burnham Park Academy and are making significant improvements in ensuring all of our students achieve the results they deserve, make the progress they deserve to ensure Best Performance – Always.



School Performance Tables

Please follow the link to the Performance Tables.


Ofsted Reports

As a new academy there has only been a Section 8 no formal designation monitoring inspection by Ofsted.  Please find a link below to the Section 8 Inspection Report on the Ofsted website.  We were of course delighted to recieve the highest possible outcome demonstrating reasonable progress in all areas.  Nevertheless, we are concious of the long journey ahead of us and the hardwork required to secure the best outcomes for all our students.

Please click here to access the Section 8 Inspection Report


Ofsted reports of the predecessor school can be accessed here


Pupil Premium

Introduced in 2011 the Pupil Premium is allocated to schools to improve outcomes for students who have ever been eligible for FSM within the previous 6 years (FSMEver6), students whose parents are serving members of the Armed Forces and those students in local authority care.  The following table shows the percentage of each year group that attract the Pupil Premium payment.


Year Group

No of Students

PP as % of Year Group




















The Academy has identified three barriers to achievement that have historically hindered the progress and attainment of this group:

    • Poor attendance
    • Gaps in basic skills for core subjects (Numeracy/Literacy/Science)
    • Low aspirations and limited access to basic resources and facilities


In 2015-16 The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy will received £158,980 for pupil premium. The funding will be used to address the following:


Additional support in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science

Support for students to enable them to feel included - uniform, trips, resources etc

Additional Support for students including counselling and courses


Please see attached document for further details and planned spend  


In 2014-15 The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy received £179,352 for pupil premium. Click here for a more detailed break down of Pupil Premium Expenditure.


In 2013-14 The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy received £162,204 for pupil premium. Click here for a more detailed break down of Pupil Premium Expenditure.


Catch Up Funding


In 2013-14 The E-ACT BurnhamPark Academy recieved £17,000 Catch Up Funding which financed additional small group work with key students in English and Maths throughout the year.  


In 2014-15 The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy recieved £17,000 which financed additional teachers in Maths and English to enable small group work to continue. 



Click here to access all Burnham Park Academy's policies including those in relation to behaviour, charging, admission arrangements and SEN and disability provision.



Click here to view the Burnham Park Academy's prospectus.


The Curriculum

At KS5 the curriculum is developing rapidly as the Sixth Form expands and new subjects are introduced.  An overview of the subjects on offer are available here

At KS4 we expect to amend the curriculum annually thus ensuring it reflects the range of ability and aspirations of our students and changes in courses available.  Click here to access the Options Booklet published in March 2013.  This will of course be updated for subsequent cohorts although provides an overview of the current KS4 curriculum and the ethos guiding the provision.

For KS3 we follow the National Curriculum.

Times of the Day