Safe Cycle to School Campaign

We are working with all students to promote safe cycling to school.  Many students were rewarded with cinema tickets for riding to school with a helmet on. Wearing a helmet is the safest form of cycling and we congratulate those students who have recently joined our campaign.

Walking to the Academy  

We encourage students to walk to the Academy as we know that this is a healthy start and end to the day.  We welcome our walkers at the gate in the morning and it is nice to see so many students taking the healthy approach. 

In need of transport to school?

There is no official school transport.  However there is free transport available from both Slough and Buckinghamshire local authorities.  Usually, a strict criterion applies and this can be a minefield.  Please do speak to Mrs Mulhern for any advice or support you need.  Mrs Mulhern can help make the process a little easier.

Students coming by car

As the safety of our students is a priority, please do not drop off students in the car park or in Opendale Road.  You can drop off students by Burnham Park or other local car parks. Many thanks for your support.