At The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy we aim to provide a curriculum that prepares our students to take advantage of the many opportunities in life, in short a broad and balanced curriculum that is personalised to the individual needs of every student. The breadth of study is guaranteed through the wide range of subjects on offer while the balance is applied through our careful selection of qualifications that take into account the varied learning styles of our students.


We offer a mix of both “knowledge based” and “skills based” courses. While both routes are academic, the “knowledge based” courses cater for the students who are more adept at demonstrating their academic prowess through examination and the ability to articulate the knowledge gained under strict traditional exam conditions. On the other hand the “skills based” curriculum is more suitable for students who are better at applying the knowledge learned through project / course work based activities. Both routes lead to accredited qualifications and are recognised by colleges and indeed university.


We actively encourage our students to choose a mix of both to develop their knowledge and skills. We do however guide them towards the route that will guarantee them the best progress and attainment level possible.


We welcome feedback and suggestion from all as we always strive to improve the provision for our learners. If you have any questions or would like more details please email by clicking here.


Please click here to see the curriculum for 2014-15.


A montage of photos taken by students of academy life