Sep 28, 2015

Slough & Burnham Peace Symposium



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Burnham Park Academy host the 11th Annual Slough and Burnham Peace Symposium

On Saturday 12th September Burnham Pack Academy hosted the 11th Annual Slough and Burnham Peace Symposium. The theme of this year’s symposium was ‘United against Extremism’. 180 People attended the event to listen to speakers, including Burnham Park Principal Russell Denial, as they delivered their views on how to promote a peaceful co-existence. Pupils from Burnham Academy were also on hand to welcome guests to the symposium, and show off their art work based on the theme. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, vice president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Slough, who organised the event acknowledged the relationship between the community and Burnham Park academy stating ‘the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community had formed a strong bond of friendship with Burnham Park Academy’ adding ‘Burnham Park Academy respects diversity and interfaith harmony’.