Apr 21, 2015

Workshops led by our local Prevent Engagement Officer (PEO)

Over the coming weeks as part of the PHSE programme at The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy students will be participating in workshops led by our local Prevent Engagement Officer (PEO) who works in collaboration with the Thames Valley Police.
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The bespoke programme for KS3 students addresses a broad range of Internet Safety issues together with a ‘Staying Safe’ programme which addresses a number of issues including Extremism and Terrorism, Safeguarding Children and Combating Cyber Bullying. The programme aims to give students the tools and awareness they need to access the internet free from harm.

The KS4 & Post 16 programme ‘Act Now’ has been developed to stimulate debate with students about the sensitive subject of terrorism and  is designed to counter intolerance and extremism through independent and critical thinking, reduce prejudice and discrimination between all cultures, faiths and creeds and promote integrated and cohesive communities.

For more information please follow the attached link to the Department of Education’s publication ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education - April 2014’ and the new “Counter Terrorism and Security Act”.