Jan 13, 2015

Personal Best

The Spring Term Personal Best Fairs will be held in the Hall next week

from 2:45pm to 3:00pm

Tuesday 13 January Years 7 & 8

Wednesday 14 January Years 9 & 10

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Posted by: iwarnock

Personal Best is an hour after school which has been put in place to increase the number of extra curricular opportunities for students. It is compulsory for each student to attend once a week, however, students can attend as many after school sessions as they would like in order to experience a range of different activities.


The Personal Best time will first and foremost be used to support students who may need help in literacy and numeracy. Once the students have reached their target, they are free to join in with other activities. Each subject area will offer clubs with a focus which is different to being in a classroom. We are committed to ensuring we narrow the gap between current and expected levels in literacy and numeracy.  Students who will benefit from extra tuition will be guided towards small group sessions to develop their skills as part of Personal Best. Those selected must attend the session and it will be counted as their Personal Best session for the week. We encourage all students to join in other activities on a different night; however, this is not compulsory.


At the start of each term Personal Best Fairs are held in order for the students to sign up for their compulsory club. Please see the calendar for the date of the next fair It is important for students to attend the Fair as new activities have been added and some activities may be offered on a different day at different terms.


As a reminder, Personal Best is a compulsory session from 2:45pm to 3:35pm to be taken a minimum of once a week. Students are allowed to join more than one activity however; if they sign up for a club they must attend as registers are used to track attendance. Personal Best is not something that can be dipped in and out of. Students who miss the club twice without a note may be removed from the club in order to allow other students to take up the place.  


Students who wish to change an activity or be removed from a class will need to see Mr Palmer as soon as possible. Teachers of the activity and form tutors cannot remove students.