Mar 3, 2014

Ofsted 28 -29 January 2014

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Posted by: iwarnock

We started our journey in April 2012 when Burnham Upper was in special measures and deemed inadequate.  18 months on, I am privileged to report that having recently been subject to a Section 5 inspection, The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy was deemed not to require special measures in any aspect of its provision.


As expected the overall judgment at this early stage of our journey is that the Academy still Requires Improvement.  However the inspection team Judged  “Leadership and Management” to be Good as the Governors, the Senior Leadership Team and the Middle Leaders demonstrated good capacity to sustain the improvement.


The key strengths identified are;

  • Governors and senior leaders have a very clear understanding of the Academy’s strengths and areas for development. As a result, teaching is improving and achievement is rising.
  •  The Academy has a nucleus of good and outstanding teaching that could be used to support improvement.
  •  The Academy provides very well for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students.
  • Relationships with parents and the community are strong.
  • Students are proud of the Academy and say they feel safe. They say the Academy cares well for them.



We are by no means complacent as despite the good judgment awarded to the Leadership and Management there is still work to be done to secure the good provision that every student who comes to Burnham Park deserves. Most of the needed improvements are attributed to consistency of practice which is vital to establish, especially with a new team. The Ofsted team did acknowledge that “Since September 2013, 22 new staff have joined the Academy and 14 of these new members of staff joined in January 2014”.


 The areas the team identified for further improvement are consistent with the Academy’s views and priorities;


 Make sure that the quality of teaching is consistently good and increase the proportion that is outstanding, so that students’ progress rises by making sure that:

-          teachers use assessment information more precisely to plan work that matches students’ different needs

-           teachers regularly find out how students are progressing in their lessons and then adjust their teaching accordingly

-           marking and feedback are given consistently across the Academy, so that all students know how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve

-           all teachers manage behaviour effectively in their lessons

  • Improve the impact of leaders on teaching by making sure:

-          the best practice in planning, teaching and assessment is shared between departments so that inconsistencies in students’ performance are addressed

-          teachers consistently receive useful and detailed feedback on how they can improve their practice

-          teachers develop the necessary skills and understanding to teach sixth form courses.



At this point I would like to thank the students, staff, parents and indeed the governors for supporting the Academy on its journey. We can now unequivocally draw a line and state with confidence that the legacy issues of underachievement have been eradicated. We can now act with confidence and look forward to the next part of our journey to secure a good judgement overall and pursue best practice, best progress and best performance in all we do.