Sep 23, 2013

Summer School August 2013

Summer School for the Year 6’s about to embark on their secondary school adventure was an action packed fortnight with a huge variety of activities on offer.
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Posted by: iwarnock

It is a long time since I have been in a Science Lab but what fun to don a lap coat and safety glasses and try to make slime! I particularly liked making rockets which we took outside to set off and boy did some of them go far to the huge delight of excited children. We painted benches and laid out a herb garden, with some student’s obviously having green fingers and a real interest in horticulture. 



 For two days a film company was with us and the students made their own film charting the transition from Primary to Secondary School.  Some of the topics covered were friendship/bullying/new beginnings. Each group had their own director, sound person and clapper board operator – the most sort after job!


One of the highlights of Summer School was our very own Masterchef as the students had to compose, prepare and of course eat a lunch menu for themselves and a teacher.  How brave we felt letting everyone loose with the chopping knives and frying pans but everyone rose to the challenge. Jamie and Nigella would be proud of what was concocted. 


There were several members of staff involved and I can honestly say we had a great time and I know the students did too. I will be signing up to do it again and I think it really helped the students involved become accustomed to the school ethos as well as having a good time.


Mrs Fisher