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We will post news and information here that will help you get the best from your Academy

Good News

If you have any good news or success to share from inside or outside of school, please let Mrs Mulhern know so that it can be posted on the website, put in the newsletter or shared with staff.

Safe Cycle to School Campaign

We are working with all students to promote safe cycling to school.  Many students were rewarded with cinema tickets for riding to school with a helmet on.  Wearing a helmet is the safest form of cycling and we congratulate those students who have recently joined our campaign.

Academy Ambassadors

Many students have been chosen to represent the Academy at open events and for showing prospective parents round the Academy.  If you are interested in representing the Academy in any way, please see Mrs Mulhern.

Student Council and Leadership

We have a new student council and we are very excited about some of the things we are planning.  Watch this space and we will reveal what students are doing to help lead the Academy to success. 

Sixth Form Leadership Team

We currently have a group of four students who are acting as the leadership team for the sixth form.  They are involved in improving the Academy for all students.  The team recently presented a plan to the Senior Leadership Team and Principal.  We will announce the team and their plans shortly. 

Student Interview Panel

Students are involved in the recruitment of new staff.  We form student interview panels to ensure that students have an input into the decision making process when it comes to hiring new staff.  Our student panels are a trusted source of information when it comes to who delivers quality teaching.  Let us know if you would like to be involved.